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2020 Pandemic Covid-19 

As some time has passed and we all have been anxious... 

Waiting for when All our lives will return to Pre Covid times... 

We all need to follow the rules to get to a healthier place... 

Face coverings...Clean Hands and Surfaces...Social Distancing... 

We will get to a Healthier Place...Be safe...Do your Part. 

God Bless Our Planet ! 

Its July 2022 and Things appear to be getting better. But the world has other issues at hand. With other strains of Covid, we still need to keep focused on sanitizing and keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible. Do your part and with some time little by little the world can get back in order.

Its December 2022 and another year is nearing end...Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year ! Little by little it feels as if our world is getting back to normal. Keep doing your part...Stay healthy...Clean all your surfaces and stay on the path...Tomorrow only gets better and better ! *************************************************************************************************** Robert A. Duyssen Licensed Real Estate Broker Standardized Operating Procedure For Purchasers of Real Estate Pursuant to Real Property Law 442-H Robert A. Duyssen, New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker is making this Standardized Operating Procedure available on any publicly available website and mobile device application maintained by the Broker and any of its licensees and teams. Broker has copies of these Standardized Operating Procedures available to the public upon request at Brokers office located at 224 Avenue I , Brooklyn New York 11230. Please be advised that Broker : 1.Does Not Require Prospective buyer clients to show identification to view/show properties and/or submit an offer. * 2. Does Not Require Prospective buyer clients to sign an exclusive buyer broker agreement. 3. Does Not Require Prospective buyer clients to provide a pre-approval for a mortgage loan/proof of funds to show/view properties.* 4. Requires Prospective buyer clients who require financing, to consult with a lender to review assets, income, debt, and credit to show/view properties. Lender must communicate financing requirements and limitations to broker. 5. Requires Prospective buyer clients to provide a pre-approval for a mortgage loan/proof of funds to prepare and/or submit an offer. * Although Broker may not require such information, a seller of real estate may require this information prior to showing the property. Date stamped and Notarized hardcopies of this Broker's Standard Operating Procedures are availabale at our location and may be provided to a prospective homebuyer upon request.

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